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You must be looking for the best email list cleaning service, right? That’s why you landed here to know about the 7 best email list cleaning services that actually work. Cleaning an email list in email marketing is a crucial step. You may have a list of huge email addresses, but chances are most of these email addresses are not even active anymore. In this case, spending cash on sending emails to tons of invalid email addresses is nothing but a waste of time and resources. This is where the email list cleaning service comes into action.

Just by using a simple tool such as an email list cleaning service, your email list is shortened to the minimum. This also ensures decreasing bounce rates and a high click-through rate as well. At MailRefine, we believe in transparency about anything. Let’s learn the basics about email list cleaning services first. We also get to know why cleaning an email list is important anyway.

How Do I Clean My Email List?

The answer is very easy. You can clean your email list using email list cleaning services. Using email list cleaning services is the best way to clean up any email list. This is very important for email marketing.

Email list cleaning services basically clean your email list. It filters out invalid, expired, spam, and misspelled email addresses. This way, you ensure a healthy email list that can be very effective regarding email marketing.

Email list cleaning services are very straightforward. All they do is clean invalid email addresses. It is a necessary step to clean your email list to juice out the maximum output of an email campaign.

How Does Email List Cleaning Work?

Just by a simple Google search, you will find a huge amount of email list cleaners. Every email list cleaner service provides something amazing to the table.

However, as all these tools clean the email lists any way they share similarities regarding how they work. Cleaning email lists by removing expired, invalid, and misspelled email addresses is the ultimate goal of these tools.

Before diving into the market of the best email list cleaning services, let’s find out how they work in the first place. It is very common to have misspelled email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected]. Email list cleaning services clean out all the email addresses with improper syntaxes. Then email list cleaning services look up role-based email addresses that are not useful for email marketing. Some of the role-based email addresses start with help@, support@, admin@, etc.

There are lots of services that let people create a one-time-use email address. Lots of people use these temporary disposable email addresses to sign up for other services. Email list cleaning services clean up these disposable email addresses. If the email address of a domain is valid and doesn’t contain MX Records, then email cleaning services remove the email address from the email list. There are also spam traps that can harm the outcome of email marketing. Email list cleaning services help here as well.

At last, email list cleaning tools use some advanced methods to tighten the process a little bit more. STMP pings are sent to ensure the real existence of every email address that passed all the above tests. If an invalid or expired email gets passed by all the other checking methods, it is impossible to avoid STMP pings, which detect if that mailbox is active or not. After all these processes run in the background, the email list cleaning service will provide a purified and effective version of your email list.

Why is Email List Cleaning Important?

We are already aware of the importance of email list cleaning. If you are not convinced about the effectiveness of email list cleaning services, let’s talk more about the benefits of cleaning email lists.

You instantly reduce bounce rates the moment you use a cleaned version of your email list. A low bounce rate is a factor that determines how successful your email campaign is. Email marketing is an important strategy for every kind of hustle, so a clean email list can bring tons of differences in the numbers.

You also ensure lower or even no spam comments with a cleaned email list. This boosts the reputation of your email address, meaning you get a positive boost in terms of sender reputation that includes domain reputation too. As bounce rates are reduced already, this easily improves open rates, as well as click rates. This type of engagement boosts the leads from email delivery. Hence, your expense is saved via a great merging in an email marketing campaign.

Best Email List Cleaning Service

Now you know the importance of email list cleaning, let’s explore some of the best email list cleaning services that can boost your email marketing success.


Image source from Zerobounce


We are talking about email marketing here. Hence ZeroBounce is an obvious mention. Being an extremely popular and awarded email cleaning service, it has to be on this list of best email list cleaning services.

ZeroBounce has been featured on popular media outlets such as BuzzFeed, Forbes, etc. Because of its accurate precision as an email list cleaning service. ZeroBounce removes email typos and as well suggestion corrections which is a nice feature to have.

Just like any other email list cleaning service, ZeroBounce cuts down toxic domains that are used for abuse or spam. Similarly, as MailRefine, ZeroBounce credits never expire. You can check out the features list of ZeroBounce below.

ZeroBounce Features

  • Email list cleaning
  • Unknown results are free
  • Spam trap protection
  • Email bounce validation
  • MX record verification
  • Email validation API
  • Active customer support

ZeroBounce Pricing

There is no doubt that ZeroBounce is a great email list cleaning service. Despite its popularity, ZeroBounce’s pricing is quite high, especially compared with MailRefine.

However, ZeroBounce offers a free email list cleaning trial that lets you verify and clean 100 emails every month. Clearly, no one is going to benefit from this small gift, so let’s talk about the pricing here.

ZeroBounce offers both Pay As You Go and Monthly subscription-based plans. You can get 2,000 email addresses cleaned for $16 per the “pay as you go” plan. Cleaning 5,000 & 10,000 emails will respectively cost $39 & $65.

The monthly subscription-based plan starts at $15 per month for 2,000 emails. You can clean up to a ridiculous amount of 2,000,000 emails just by paying $2,760 per month. There is a pricing calculator provided by ZeroBounce to find out the cost of cleaning a certain amount of email addresses.


Image source from neverbounce

Just like the name suggests, NeverBounce promises to provide you with a clean email list. NeverBounce is one of the most popular email verification services out there. Considering its huge impact on the industry, NeverBounce is not a light contender in this list.

Clearly, NeverBounce loves numbers when talking about anything, which is very appreciated. NeverBounce promises to ensure 100% accuracy and 98% deliverability rate, no matter if you’re running their email verification tool or email list cleaning service.

You can either verify the email list in bulk. Never bounce even lets you do real-time verification with domain, syntax, mailbox, and various format tests. Industry giants like Dell, Yelp, etc put the trust of their email list to NeverBounce. So security is not even a question here.

NeverBounce Features

  • Clean invalid and expired emails
  • Promises of a very high accurate analysis
  • MX Records & domains testify
  • Data privacy and security assurance
  • Extensive API sets with support of 8 programming languages
  • Third-party integration with popular services

NeverBounce Pricing

We appreciate NeverBounce again because of its flexible price models. Moreover, you get 1000 free credits when you sign up for a NeverBounce account, just like MailRefine. This is a good opportunity to try out the effectiveness of the service.

NeverBounce offers two pricing models – Pay As You Go & an automated cleaning plan named Sync. You can clean up to 10,000 emails at the cost of $0.008 per email. You’ll be charged $0.005 per email if you go for the 100,000 emails plan.

On the other hand, the subscription-based plan named Sync is much more straightforward though it costs more. You can clean up to 1,000 emails per month at a monthly fee of $10. For cleaning 10,000 emails and 50,000 emails per month, you will have to spend respectively $49 & $99 per month.

There are more sub-plans, obviously if you’re looking for any. In case of cleaning more than 1,000,000 emails, you can contact NeverBounce.

Image source from xverify


Xverify is another great email list cleaning service. Xverify proudly announces its European data center origin, which is clearly visible just by looking at its homepage. If we ignore the fact that Xverify’s homepage states “Intelligent Email Verification Built for Europe.” the service is very good here.

Xverify improves email deliverability by removing hard bounces and cutting down the spam complaints and fraud. Just like ZeroBounce, Xverify claims to have accurate results, but this time regarding major email domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Keeping in mind that 10% of invalid data is caused by typos, Xverify features a built-in autocorrection system. This identifies misspelled email domain names and fixes them. It is totally natural to type Gamil or Gmil, when typing Gmail.

Xverify Features

  • Invalid, expired & suspended emails cleaning
  • Temporary emails disposal
  • Dedicated API for real-time email verification
  • Spam complaints detection
  • Third-party integration environment

Xverify Pricing

The pricing of Xverify is as easy to understand as it gets. Xverify kept its prices simple by following a “Pay As You Go” model. The more emails you choose to get cleaned, the more cuts you get at the pricing.

For instance, you can clean up to 5,000 emails at the cost of $0.0100 per email. If you choose to clean up to 5-10k and 10-25k emails, it will cost you less as low as $0.008 & $0.007 per email.

If you don’t like the number game very much, you can simply head over to Xverify’s website and use the price calculator. You can input the number of emails you want to clean up and get a result of how much it will cost you.

Image source from QuickEmailVerification


With more than 100,000 businesses that trust and clients like IBM &Sony in the portfolio, it is no surprise that QuickEmailVerification made it to the list of best email list cleaning services.

With its client list, QuickEmailVerification passed the test in case of security-related questions. Similarly, as Xverify, QuickEmailVerification features a built-in correction system for correcting slightly misspelled email addresses.

QuickEmailVerification is fast at its verification which is a certain one by looking at its name. Also, API support with QuickEmailVerification is fast, making it time-saving to clean up a list with tons of emails.

QuickEmailVerification deserves credit for its amazing flexibility of supported file types. You can use different formats of email lists such as CSV, TXT, XLSX, XLS, and even ODS support.

QuickEmailVerification Features

  • Multiple email list file format support
  • Email syntax & domain validation
  • MX records check
  • Temporary email address removal
  • Detailed cleaning & verification reports
  • Typo fix in email addresses
  • Anti-grey listing technology support
  • Strong encryption for extra security

QuickEmailVerification Pricing

All the other email list cleaning tools on this list provide some kind of free plan or trial to provide you the time to understand and trust their service. But QuickEmailVerification is one step ahead in this game of free service.

QuickEmailVerification allows users to verify 100 emails per day for totally free. If you have a fairly small email list and you’re looking for a free email list cleaning service, then QuickEmailVerification might be the result you’re looking for.

You can purchase QuickEmailVerification service as either a one-time purchase which is a “pay as you go” model as its core. On the other hand, the daily plan is a monthly plan. There is a huge price difference between both of these.

If you decide to pay as the One-Time model, then you would have to pay $4, $35, and $200 to clean up, respectively 500, 5000, and 50,000 email addresses. On the other hand, the Daily plan provides you credits every day for a month straight.

You get your usual 100 free daily credits forever. You can get 500 daily credits just by paying $25 per month. You can get 5,000 credits every day for just $160 per month. And there are the ultimate $50,000 daily credits at the cost of $900 per month.

Image source from emailchecker


With a 99% accurate email validation rate, EmailChecker sounds promising at what it does best. EmailChecker even offers a false email verification API that allows website or blog owners a feature to prevent signing up with false emails.

The real-time email verification of EmailChecker is very convincing as well. With an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, EmailChecker is a flexible tool that offers a range of services to choose from.

EmailChecker Features

  • High email deliverability rate
  • Individual or bulk email addresses verify
  • Syntax, Mailbox, and domain validation
  • Quality customer support
  • Data protection

EmailChecker Pricing

EmailChecker is very transparent about its prices. You can clean up to 1000 emails for $14. Up to 10,000 emails can be cleaned at the cost of $69. You can clean up to 2,500,000 emails for $2499 as per the “pay as you go” plan.

There is a monthly plan as well. For only $10 per month, you can get up to 1,000 emails cleaned. There is a $49 monthly plan that offers cleaning up to 10,000 emails per month. EmailChecker’s top-tier monthly subscription plan costs $1,899 per month for cleaning up to 2,500,000 emails per month.

Image source from myemailverifier


With very positive reviews from the users, MyEmailVerifier made it into our list of best email list cleaning services. MyEmailVerifier surprises its users here and there with so many amazing offers.

It is even possible to avail of up to 10,000 free email verification credits from MyEmailVerifier. The promised delivery rate of a cleaned-up email list by MyEmailVerifier is 98%, which sounds quite promising.

MyEmailVerifier is a team player, showing its amazing integration with other services using its powerful API. You can basically use MyEmailVerifier anywhere, from online forms to SaaS applications using the API integration feature.

MyEmailVerifier Features

  • MX record and syntax checker
  • Role-based email detector
  • Email built on free domain detector
  • Insane integration features
  • Greylisted domains identification
  • Weed out spam traps
  • Integrates email marketing service

MyEmailVerifier Pricing

You can get a huge amount of free MyEmailVerifier credits by doing basic tasks such as signing up, sharing on social media, or even reviewing the service. However, you can always upgrade to a premium model.

MyEmailVerifier works on the “pay as you go” model. It costs only $1.44 for 500 MyEmailVerifier credits. You can clean up to 1,000 and 2,000 emails for as low as respectively $2.88 and $.5.04 in the subsequent plans. You can go up to cleaning 5 million emails for $1800.


We’ve looked at the best email list cleaning services that money can buy. As you’re the investor, you’re the one to call the shot here. Even though you’ve purchased a plan, you always have the refund option after trying a few shots.

So choose any of these best email list cleaning services wisely and keep your email list nice and tidy.

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