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Email is used by both the business and consumers. Maybe that’s why email marketing is still the most legitimate marketing channel out there. Of course, email service providers (ESP) are the most important topic in this marketing empire. We’ll talk about the best email service providers for business in this post.

What is an email service provider?

An email service provider is a company that provides authorization to users to send and receive emails. There are countless ESP services that offer similar benefits. You may already know some of them such as Google Workplace (previously known as g-suite), Proton Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Email service providers store and send emails for you.

What is a business email service provider?

Business email service providers are ESP firms that assist commercial enterprise clients with email advertising merchandising at scale. As properly, they furnish greater points for consumers under their wants and capabilities, moreover, ESP lets you use your domain name alternatively of theirs.

You can use your enterprise identity for your email area name. For example, [email protected] is your commercial enterprise email. Furthermore, this carries your brand identity making your email helpful, presuming that you are launching a company.

Securely, it does formulate your commercial enterprise look properly and offers an exact vibe. Undoubtedly, it is a top marketing policy.

What are the features of a business email service?

Email service providers do two things: Store emails and send emails. But more advanced email service providers offer additional features.

  • Storage: Most of the company offer free storage for users. But there are additional features for business purposes. Many ESP provide private server storage to users so that employees can access their email anytime necessary.
  • Privacy & Security: Privacy and security protection is the most important feature for any email service provider. Security always is the priority to ensure the safety of the data getting stolen from malicious hackers. ESPs also offer backup and archiving options, end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication features.
  • Useful Tools: ESPs offers useful tools like shareable calendar, file storage, file editing, useful mobile application, and so on.
  • Support: Business email service providers also provide services for any kind of issues. A company does not need to hire a department for technical systems when using a business ESP.
  • Sync: Whenever doing work one needs to use an email address on several devices. And ESP offers a great syncing feature to make your work easy. You won’t have to use different email addresses for different devices.

Can I get a business email without a website?

Yes, anyone can get a business email without a website or web hosting. The only requirement is a domain name for your email. You can use your company name as your email domain which sure will boost your company’s marketing and make it looks more authentic. Many companies provide email services such as Google workplace, Proton mail, Zoho mail, and many others. The service certainly will cost some money, but the price is worth it.

Why Should I Use An Email Verifier?

No matter if you send emails in bulk or not, having an email verifier is a blessing regardless. So what does an email verifier do? Simple, it verifies the address you’re sending emails. What’s the use of it you may ask? That’s simple as well. Your sender score or sender reputation gets saved and every other email sent by you will land in the recipient’s inbox for sure.

Luckily email verification is easier than ever. Just take a look at the any email verifier. This simple tool allows you to insert emails in one or bulk and provides results on whether that email address is valid or not. Just a few clicks, but your email reputation gets saved. How cool is that?

You can use the email verifier both for personal usage and your business. It provides tons of features real-time email verification, bulk email checker, verification API, a friendly user interface, and the list goes on.

Email Service Providers

Best/Top Email service provider for business

There are tons of Email service provider companies that can offer you services at an additional cost but not all of them provide proper service. You can have the service of sending and receiving emails from any ESP company but taking services from modern consumer service will be a great experience. A lot of email service providers offer additional productivity tools in a suite of office apps. We will be discussing some of the popular Email service providers and their services.

Google Workplace

Google Workplace is the most popular email service provider with good reviews and average performance. According to statistics, it has over 1.8 billion subscribers. It has a very good reputation over all the world because of its service.

It offers so many advanced features, productive tools, a powerful search utility and filter system, strong security measures, storage capacity, and many more, also provides mobile app features and multiple device syncing capability. You can use one email account and can access its information from multiple devices which makes it easier to work from anywhere.

It supports Undo send message system and email forwarding option and also has a very useful set of tools. Email, docs, sheets, shareable calendar, contacts, file storage and sharing option, file editing and collaboration feature, voice and video conference, instant messaging option, team chat, and many more outstanding features make google workplace very comfortable to use for any corporation.

Google workplace always takes security as a priority. It is less likely to be hacked by malicious hackers thanks to strong spam filters, two-factor authentication, phishing, and other security measures.

Google is generally free to use. The paid Google Workplace plan starts at 6$ per month and you get a custom business email, 100 participant video meetings, and security management. You can buy extra storage as you require. It gives 15 GB of free storage for all users.

One of the amazing things about Google workplace is it has great uptime. And they also provide 24/7 support for their subscriber. They can help you with its issues and solve them.

Microsoft Outlook

For many of us, Hotmail was the commonly known email service. Microsoft Outlook was founded in 1996 as Hotmail which was later rebranded to Outlook after 20 years. Outlook has an easy-to-use interface which is very comfortable for users. Outlook is Microsoft’s web app which is capable of webmail, tasks, contacts, and many more. Currently, it holds over 400 million users which is not a big number for a company that is providing service for 26 years.

Outlook gives your 15 GB of free space for free users and also has many cool features. You can pin your email and the sweep feature organizes your email automatically. Its Focused Inbox feature organizes your email according to its importance with the help of machine learning which has really good market popularity also you can use the add-ins option which gives an extra cool feature.

Though it is free to use, it has two pricing plans for premium subscribers. Microsoft 365 Family plan costs $9.99 per month and the 365 Personal plan costs $6.99 per month.

Apart from other things Outlook has a bad image for breaches in servers which was revealed in 2021. 92% of the data has been compromised according to their announcement, the most recent security breach happened in March 2022.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email service providers which was founded in 1997 by the American Yahoo company. They are serving for a long amount of period does not contain a large number of users. Though it does not have a large number of users, it sure has some pretty good features, and the most preferable of them is its storage capacity.

It allows users to have 1 TB of email storage which can not be found in other email services. Think about the amount of data you can store in a single account, also spam filter, contact importing option, shortcut key, block contact, and many more options that make Yahoo easy to use.

One of the irritating things about Yahoo Mail is ads. However, You can eliminate the commercials by purchasing a Yahoo Mai subscription. For as little as $5 per month, you may experience not just an ad-loose mail enjoy, but also enjoy client guide, better overall performance, and email archiving except within any time limits.

In case you are an owner of an enterprise, you ought to additionally consider Yahoo’s company layout because it lets you without issues set up a branded email address to make a lasting effect on your customers and employer companions alike.

Apart from other things Yahoo holds a bad review of security breaches multiple times. For a company that is standing for many years, its service should have become more better and popular.

Proton Mail

In a world of technology where we value our data more than anything, security sure gets the priority among other things. If you want emails to be secure then Proton Mail is absolutely will be a great choice.

Proton Mail has a pretty good image for their security measure. Its end-to-end and client-side encryption method makes it protected before even sending them.

Proton Mail includes iOS and Android app which is highly rated because of their maximum privacy and security. You get only 1TB of free storage and a capped 150 emails per day in the free plan which can be countered as a letdown.

Apart from the free plan, Proton Mail offers Proton Unlimited subscription plan. This plan comes with a €9.99 price point per month and provides features like 500GB storage, 15 email addresses, unlimited messages, custom email addresses, and so on.

Titan Mail

Titan is a modern enterprise email platform designed specifically to allow professionals and small companies to develop greater meaningful relationships with their customers. For a company that was Founded in 2018, it certainly has a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 according to G2 which surely is highly rated.

With beneficial built-in points such as Read Receipts, Email Templates, Schedule Send, Follow-up Reminders, and more, Titan presents the tools needed to assist small companies’ focal points in developing their business.

Features like calendars, contacts, and storage provide efficiency from proper inside the inbox. Their Priority Inbox characteristic will routinely kind the essential emails from the relaxation for you so that you retain time and focus on the right things. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t get any API integration support with Titan Mail.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a combination of Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace. It offers hosted email, calendars, and contacts, as nicely as Zoho’s very own conversation and collaboration apps: WorkDrive, an Office Suite for creating and taking part in documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and Cliq for chats.

You can automate Zoho Workplace with Zapier integrations for Zoho Mail, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Connect. It can provide top-notch safety and surveillance, with a reliable 99.9% uptime and end-to-end encryption.

Zoho Mail makes it very effortless to get an expert domain name that stands out and straight away attracts clients. its available collaboration machine makes it very convenient to use, each time you want to send a long email or share them you simply have to stream a message to a list of people.

For free users, it gives 5 GB of an email storage house for up to 5 mailboxes. For a $1 a month fee, you can upgrade to Zoho’s Mail Lite plan and get 5GB storage every month, email hosting, email routing, offline access, and more.

Additionally, the Mail Premium plan offers massive file attachments (up to 1GB), e-mail backup and restoration, white labeling, and numerous other beneficial features.

iCloud Mail

iCloud is a good ESP service for Apple users launched in 2011. If you’re heavily invested in Apple’s huge ecosystem and your very own Apple devices, you should go for iCloud Mail, a free email service from Apple. To use it, you must set up an email address, which you can do either on an iOS system or a Mac pc by way of going to iCloud and selecting the Mail option.

iCloud offers 5 GB email storage space for free users, but you can buy storage as much as need at a reasonable price. However, an additional feature is available for paid users.

iCloud sure has a very ensuring and rather true security measure, there are no reports of server breaks until now. Still, there is nevertheless a massive risk to privacy as we comprehend iCloud demands many of our facts for their safety option.

However, iCloud Mail is open to anybody but it is sometimes regarded not appropriate for users who are not invested in Apple’s ecosystem. iCloud is additionally stated to have confined features as compared to other ESPs.

GMX Mail

If you’re looking for an email service provider that is free to use and additionally presents many top-notch features, then GMX Mail is the desirable one for you. For an email service company that is free to use, it simply can perform as professionally as nicely as personally.

With its functionality of attaching documents up to 50 MB, you can send somewhat small documents without any problem. GMX offers 65GB storage space, permitting you to hold your emails in one location barring stress about running out of space.

Though it has some pretty good features for storage and others, its security is not so strong considering the absence of two-step verification, POP, and IMAP support which makes it less secure. For small businesses that require a big amount of storage and security is not mandatory, you can consider GMX Mail.


Those are genuinely some of the email service companies out there. Inside the list above, the high-quality-ranked ESP is Google workplace. The super-ESP for you will be based on the elements and services you need. While the usage of an ESP, you should remember the selection of things and sides that are provided and if they are full-size for you, and make use of this listing of the best email service providers and select the high-quality option for you!

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