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MailRefine is more than just an email verifier, it helps you maximize the benefits of your email marketing program by adding beneficial data to your list.

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$ 13 One Time
  • 10,000 Email Verifications One Time


$ 18 One Time
  • 15,000 Email Verifications One Time


$ 33 One Time
  • 30,000 Email Verifications One Time


$ 45 One Time
  • 50,000 Email Verifications One Time


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  • 100,000 Email Verifications One Time


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  • 500,000 Email Verifications One Time


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  • 1,000,000 Email Verifications One Time

Some Questions Answer About Our Service

Some Questions Answer About Our Service

Best Free Email Verifier Online

There is a lot of free email verifier tools available online. Email is considered to be a severe medium of communication. So email verification shouldn't be taken as a "not so important" task. An email verifier is generally a piece of software that helps researchers verify users' email addresses. This way, an excellent outreach campaign and delivery rate can be achieved. Email verification is also the best-proven way to reach potential customers with the minimum effort possible.

Best Free Email Verifier Online
Is a free email verifier enough for you?

Is a free email verifier enough for you?

Everyone loves free tools. There is a lot of free email verifier tools available online. None of them lets you use their tool for free forever. If you're about to run a small outreach campaign, then a free email verifier is sufficient enough for you.

Success in email campaign now easy

It is a very much recommended process by experts to check email before starting a campaign. This way, you remain productive, and the chance of generating leads remains higher than ever. So always make sure to verify email through any free email verifier or a paid one. Let the next campaign be your key to success.

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Success in email campaign now easy

Common Questions About Email Verification

Webmail is web-based email accounts. These are the free email accounts that are operated from a website. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail are some examples of webmail.

A user can access their webmail as long as they have access to an active internet connection and a web browser. Webmail can’t be accessed if a user is offline.

Yes, you can check if an email is valid by using the free email verifier tool by MailRefine. Head over to the free email verifier page and enter the email you want to check of being valid or not. You’ll get the validity status of the email address you entered.

The best part of the free email verifier by MailRefine is it doesn’t provoke you to sign up to use the free tool. However, you’re always welcome to sign up for a new MailRefine account to claim your free 1000 credits. is not a valid email address. Currently, shows a plain “404 Not Found” page. However, the actually does exist, meaning MTAs will attempt to deliver mail anyway to the email with the extension.

If you mistakenly send a mail to an email address ending with extension, it’ll eventually fail to deliver the email within few days or a week. So, you can count it as a bounce if you mistakenly send an email to email address. You can always use the mentioned free email verifier to dig up further about any email addresses.
What is the purpose of an email verifier in the first place? It’s pretty simple. Nobody wants to reach countless nonpotential people just for the sake of an outreach campaign.To make a campaign successful, it is the primary goal to ensure that you reach potential customers. That’s where email verifier comes into play.

There are more reasons for using an email verifier. It’s no surprise that people changes email service provider (Gmail. Outlook, etc.) to remain comfortable with the email experience. You have no way to know about particular users changing their email provider. But yes! Email verifier can help you here.

Professionals may change their company of work, but the email addresses they used remain abandoned. A quick search using any email verifier can save the day from reaching an inactive inbox.

If someone creates multiple email accounts from the same provider, then it’s more natural to choose the one they would prefer for emails you would send.

People tend to use their email under corporate domain address more. But when a domain is closed, the same happens to the email addresses associated with it. It worths checking an email through the verification process to ensure availability.

The moral of the story is: it’s better to send 100 mail to active email addresses than can generate leads than to send 10000 mail to anyone and everyone. Make sure to use email verification to make your time, resource, and money worthful.

There are a lot of services that let you check bulk mail for free. You get free 1000 credits to check bulk mail free while creating a new MailRefine account. You can even get more credits for free if there is a ongoing campaign.

Well, it’s fairly simple to answer. Other free email verifiers let you verify emails of a very small quantity which is very tough to check through bulk email. Only MailRefine offers this much freedom on free tools. Because, at MailRefine, we love free tools as much as you do.

Email accounts are free or inexpensive right now. This makes anyone capable of sending fake emails to one or more emails at once. So, it’s essential to identify bad, fake, and fraudulent emails. Identifying bad email addresses is very important to keep yourself safe from malicious phishing attacks and unwanted hacking issues.

For instance, your email service provider will clean up malicious-looking emails for you and move them to spam. But these spam filters are barely stopping fake emails from ending up in the actual inbox. So it’s never late to learn some basics to keep your email safe.

The first step of identifying a bad email address is an easy one. All you have to do is check the sender’s email address. For example, Facebook or GoDaddy will never send you a mail from an email address that ends with or There are corporate companies. They have their own email addresses to send emails to users. Just try to reason with the received email’s sender’s address. This will clear most of the problems regarding fake emails.

Look for wrong or slight misspelling in the domain name. Like or looks legit until you look again and understand that these are fake emails.

Another key factor in detecting fake emails is poorly written emails in terms of grammar and spelling. No professionals or company will send you an email with lots of typos. These days, anyone without proper knowledge can write clean copy with the help of powerful writing tools such as Grammarly.

The tone of the email matters as well. If you receive an email asking for quick action to change any attributes regarding any of your web accounts, then it certainly is fake. Most of the legit email informs you about the situation, not rushing you through the solution.

Given the described methods to tell if an email is fake, anyone should be able to detect a fake email for free now. However, it is always recommended to use an email verifier tool such as MailRefine.

Nothing hurts more than a low email open rate and low click-through rate. These problems might eventually hurt your email deliverability, resulting in a low chance of a sent email actually ending up in the inbox.

That’s where email verification comes into play to save your day. Just running a search through your email lists can make a ton of difference. You can use MailRefine or any other email verifier tool to check and clean up your email list.

If you want to clean up your email list for free automatically, you can use MailRefine free email verifier tool. If you’re looking for different results, you can claim free MailRefine credits for creating a new account and use them. If the service feels comfortable, you can even upgrade for a reasonable price as well.

However, you can clean up your email list manually for zero cost as well. This method requires both manual work and a proper system. If you have a massive email list, this even can eat up your time for nothing in return. The choice is yours anyway.

Check and clean the hard bounces. If you notice soft bounces more than twice, then it’s a good idea to remove them as well. Before removing any email from the list, try to find the reason for the bounces. An email can even bounce for generic reasons such as the wrong domain address or email server blocking the delivery.

It’s not very tough to detect exact email addresses. Email addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] don’t make any sense to remain in any email list. Clean them up. Also, look for misspellings in email addresses and fix or remove them.

It’s natural for people to unsubscribe from your mailing list. That’s fine. You should accept this natural flow of expectance and respect their choices. Remove those email addresses from your email list who unsubscribed.

If you have multiple landing pages and more than one lead generation campaign running, you may end up with duplicate emails. Look for duplicate emails and get rid of them.

Looking for a free email verifier tool that gets the job done? MailRefine offers a free email verifier tool that provides information about the validity of an email address.

The free email verifier tool by MailRefine is a straightforward tool to use. To verify an email address for free using MailRefine free email verifier:
Head over to the MailRefine Free Email Verifier page
Enter the mail you want to validate and press verify.

If the email address you provided is valid, you’ll get a result saying “Your Email is Valid”
If your provided email address is invalid, you’ll get a result showing “Your Email is Invalid”

Accept All / Accepting all emails is one of many email verification statuses. Email verifier tools and MailRefine as well provide this email verification status.

When the verification status of an email is shown Accept All, that means the email server’s protocol can receive emails from all email addresses. However, this prohibits email verifier tools like MailRefine from seeing if that address has a mailbox. The email may bounce in this case.

An internet email address can include only RFC-compliant characters. That means only these characters are allowed in an email address:
Numbers (0-9)
Uppercase letters (A-Z)
Lowercase letters (a-z)
Plus sign (+)
Underscore (_)
Tilde (~)
Any characters without the mentioned ones are not allowed in an email address.

Several reasons can make your email address invalid. First of all, check for typos if there are any. Most of the time, emails are marked invalid just because of silly typing mistakes.

Another reason for your email address showing dead can be the fact that the domain you’re using is either down or over. There is a slight chance of your email provider or server being dead. However, check for this error as well.

Fixing an email invalid email is not a big deal. You can either find another way of communicating, or you can fix this through the solutions we’re about to hear.

If the email qualifies to be invalid for the domain or server being dead, then it’s best to notify the person on the company who manages it. The best practice is to use an email verifier tool like MailRefine and find out what’s wrong.

If Microsoft Outlook does not recognize your email addresses, then it may be a problem causing because Outlook processes a list of email addresses. However, this problem is easy to solve. Assuming that you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or a newer version, all you have to do is:
Open Microsoft Outlook
Click on ‘File’ from the Menu
Select ‘Options’
Click on ‘Mail
Scroll down to the ‘Send Messages’ section
Check the box beside ‘Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients
Click OK and restart Outlook.

If this doesn’t fix your problem of Outlook not recognizing email addresses, then the email addresses you provided must be the culprit behind the problem. Check the email addresses and make sure it’s the correct format.

Auto-complete can be causing the problem of not recognizing email addresses. If the problem is related to Auto-complete, then follow these instructions to fix that:
Open Microsoft Outlook,
Select ‘File from Menu’
Click on ‘Options’, and then select ‘Mail.’
Under ‘Send Messages’, clear ‘Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines box’,
Click OK
One of these methods should work to fix the problem of Outlook not recognizing email addresses.

Email verifier tool will clean your email list and increase the deliverability rate.

Get 100 Free Credits
Email verifier tool will clean your email list and increase the deliverability rate.
Email verifier tool will clean your email list and increase the deliverability rate.
Email verifier tool will clean your email list and increase the deliverability rate.
Email verifier tool will clean your email list and increase the deliverability rate.