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ZeroBounce and NeverBounce are two of the most reliable email verification tools available in today’s market. However, they have some major differences that you should know about before making your decision: accuracy level, integrations, and pricing plans.

In this article, we will uncover the features and drawbacks regarding data accuracy and pricing.

ZeroBounce vs NeverBounce: The Honest Comparison Between Two Email Verification Tools

ZeroBounce and NeverBounce are two popular email verification software that offers a range of features. We’ll take an in-depth look at each one, including what you can do with it as well as any downsides or concerns people may have regarding this type of service.

What is ZeroBounce:

ZeroBounce is an email validation service that helps identify and eliminate invalid emails from your contact lists. Using a combination of algorithms and real-time blacklists, ZeroBounce can determine whether an email address is valid or not. This helps to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are only reaching valid addresses and that you’re not wasting time and resources on bounced messages.

Why Choose ZeroBounce:

Email Bounce Validator:

ZeroBounce email bounce validator helps you to determine whether or not an email has bounced. This is important because if an email has bounced, it was not successfully delivered to the recipient and therefore, may need to be re-sent. This can help you to avoid sending emails that will never be delivered, saving you time and hassle.

Disposable Email Check:

ZeroBounce disposable email checker helps you avoid spam and verify the legitimacy of email addresses. It is an excellent way for businesses that need to verify email addresses before adding them to their contact lists, and for individuals who want to ensure that they are not sending messages to invalid email addresses. Disposable email check offers both a free and paid version of its service. The free version allows you to check up to 100 email addresses with verification credits, while the paid version offers unlimited checking.

Crazy 98% Accuracy Guaranteed:

ZeroBounce guarantees 98% accuracy of its bounce detection. This means that if you are sending an email to a list and it is bouncing, ZeroBounce will detect that bounce and remove that email address from your list.


You can integrate ZeroBounce with the most popular software including Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Zapier.

Other Features:

  • High-speed email validation
  • Verify emails in real time
  • Catch-All Email Check
  • MX Record Detection
  • SMTP Providers Information
  • ZeroBounce Drawbacks:
  • Sometimes, a false result comes in.
  • Bulk verification takes too much time. Even the email list is small.
  • The pricing is too high compared to other email verification tools like Neverbounce.

ZeroBounce Reviews:

What is NeverBounce:

NeverBounce is an email verification solution that enables enterprises, startups, and non-profit organizations to remove duplicate emails, detect threats and verify email lists. The company was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs, Ross Garber and Bryan Helmig. Both were looking for a better way to clean their email lists and soon realized a real need for a reliable email verification service. Since then, NeverBounce has grown into one of the leading providers of email verification services, with over 250,000 customers in more than 180 countries.

Why Choose NeverBounce:

Bulk Email List Cleaning:

NeverBounce is a bulk email list cleaning service that helps businesses remove invalid and undeliverable emails from their contact lists. Their powerful, easy-to-use, platform cleans email lists in minutes, allowing businesses to focus on their message, not the headaches of list management.

Real-Time Email Verification:

NeverBounce uses real-time verification. NeverBounce detection rate is higher than any other service, so you can be sure that your emails are being sent to valid addresses.

Mail Server Validation:

NeverBounce mail server verification feature is a proprietary method that utilizes SMTP in order to identify users. This method is more advanced than other methods and is able to verify more email addresses. The NeverBounce mail server verification feature is an important tool for businesses that want to ensure the accuracy of their email lists.

Domain Health Check:

Domain health is an important factor to consider when sending email campaigns. NeverBounce offers a comprehensive domain health check that validates your domains for current live status, parked domains, and overall health. DNS & MX validation is also performed to ensure your email servers are consistent and available. This ensures that your email campaigns reach your recipients

Other Features:

  • High-Risk Detection
  • Identify Free Mail Hosts
  • Identify Role Accounts
  • Identify MX records
  • Identify Bad Syntax
  • NeverBounce Drawbacks:
  • Huge learning curve.
  • Pricing is expensive.
  • Individual email verification isn’t possible.
  • A lot of unverified come in.

NeverBounce Reviews:


There is no doubt that both ZeroBounce and NeverBounce are well-respected email verification tools. However, depending on your budget and needs, one may be a better fit for you than the other. NeverBounce is a more affordable option, while ZeroBounce may be better if you need more comprehensive data verification. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

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